the good news


What is the good news?

Is it that the very deepest truth of creation is joyful love?
That you invite me to join you in the process of loving creation?
That it is ok to open my soul to life, because it will not destroy me, despite what I fear?
That I can trust your goodness to keep me safe?
That ‘safety’ is really only the first step? Continue reading


thoughtful smileIt is ok to seek to understand
Even though it seems a futile task
Since the infinite is . . . infinite

The seeking breaks the smaller shells
Skin by skin the snake can grow
And growth is good
So long as I remember there is more

And so long as there is room for laughter

[cropped and filtered photo by Luis Sarabia per cc 2.0]

the web

spider on its webAnd see, once more I am tangled in my own web.
Silly little spider – can’t quite seem to get it right.
I follow the threads as they unfold,
But they keep folding back upon one another.
My feet get stuck in my own glue.
I get wound around the axle and soon I cannot move.

I forget a spider’s web is dependent upon finding the framework on which it its suspended.
It bridges gaps between the limbs of trees or the corners of an eave.
Flat surfaces will not do – there must be a space to bridge.
That’s where you catch ideas: where gaps are open,
Where differences almost converge – and then, on a whispered thread, they do.

It’s when I focus on the web and not the gap that I get tangled –
When I watch myself too closely,
When I worry about the beauty of the web,
Rather than the beauty of connection.

Silly little spider.

[photo by Dave Huth per cc 2.0]

The blessing of gifts

blessedThis quiet morning
I know I am blessed.

I know that few have ever lived with the opportunity and convenience given to me. I know that few have known such steady love of parents, family, husband, children, friends. I know that few have been able to trust their minds and bodies to work so well, and without due attention.

I know that my rare bubble of life is a gift. Continue reading

The First Stone

stone in hand

I hold the first stone I my hand, turning it over and over.
I feel its heft, notice its edges, understand its power.
I know the anger swirling in my chest,
Sensing that everything I honor has been violated.
I want to strike out – to protect what I see as the very anchor of my soul.

I want to throw this stone.

I want to use it to quiet, even if by murderous force, the voices that I hate.
And didn’t the Psalmist say we should hate those who hate you?
Didn’t he brag about it?
Well, I want those bragging rights, as well.
I want to be seen as a defender of truth – to use what power I have in my hand
To win the day, to force obedience to what I see as your commands.

I want to throw this stone.
… but something constrains me

Perhaps it is the vision of all those cloaks at the feet of Saul,
As he watches the stones hurled to silence Stephen.
Perhaps it is the line in the Psalm that follows the hate-full bragging,
Where the Psalmist hesitates, trying to weigh his own motives.
Perhaps it is the understanding that true obedience
Can never, truly, be forced.
Or, perhaps it is that encounter with the woman
Caught in the act, as they say (though apparently by herself).

I want to throw this stone,
But according to your criteria, I don’t qualify.

And the One who does qualify … refuses to throw it.
Instead that One uses a different power.
A power that can actually change the heart
And free it for joyful obedience.

The quick and angry fix is not a fix at all.

I put down the stone.

I place it on a stack of other stones
Released by those who have, with you,
Chosen love over rules as the first step toward
The world you are calling to yourself
Your kingdom come on earth as it is … heaven.

known by our love?

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” – Jesus

Is this how we are known? By our love?

By that love that is patient and kind; is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. By love that does not insist on its own way; is not irritable or resentful … that love?

The love without which I am nothing? … that love?

And must I show that love toward those who are ready to push their convictions down my throat?


[check out this reflection on the topic by a Thought Pastor friend]

Woe to you …

pointing a fingerWoe to you, lawmakers. You seek easy answers to hard problems and produce sound bites which trivialize our turmoil, placing blame and responsibility on anyone but yourselves.

Woe to you, self-righteous do-gooders, who give to charity but neglect your own children, who see money as the way to buy righteousness and avoid responsibility. Continue reading