Another good morning

crimson cloudsGood morning, Holy One.

Thank you.
For the morning.
For the quiet.
For the hope of a new day.
For the beating of your heart deep within mine.
For your call, like the pull of the ocean current, unseen, irresistible.
For life – full of fragile beauty.
Thank you.

Thank you.
For those I love.
For those who love me.
For those who echo your beauty and dance your grace.
For those whose heart is part of yours, expanding your love into every corner.
For those who quietly, patiently, unwaveringly give themselves to your call
Even if they may not know it is your fingerprints they leave
Even if they do not know your name
Even if they despair of final goodness
Thank you for their presence in my life, in your world.
Thank you.

Thank you.
For the moments when you take my heart on a wild ride
When you shake my soul with a sunrise or the quiet fall of snow
When the flower in the sidewalk echoes an indefatigable grace
That will not let me go.
Thank you.

Wake me on this quiet morning
Help me see your face
Help me hear your laughter … and your sighs
And help me be, for this small day,
A whisper of your presence, here
In this quiet morning
In this small crevice of life
Let me be unafraid to open my petals to your sun
And let my own fragile beauty
Release its fragrance to the day.

Good morning, my beloved.
Your thanks, your pleas, are one with mine.
Their fragrance fills my lungs
I breathe them out upon your day.


[Thanks, also, too Anne Lamont and Larry]

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