a good day

blissful dance

A good day
Is one in which you dance the dance you were born to,
And hear your own heart cheerfully applaud
Even as the world sighs with deep gratitude
And the Holy One nods and winks in your direction.

It is a gift to give your gift.


[photo by John Getchel per cc 2.0]

[Kudos to On Being’s newsletter – The Pause – for the reminder about what makes a good day.]

Fingerprints of faith

fingerprint against the sky
Faith has the ability
to hold on to hope in a world like this.
Faith resides in the whole self
and grows in community.
Faith is often shaped more by story than by fact:
story moves.
Faith gives new eyes, new ears, a new heart,
to see the culture of love emerging.

I need this kind of faith.

[photo by Josean Prado per cc 2.0]

the difference

eyes are watching youThere is a profound difference between being watched and being seen.
One sets you apart as an object to be observed, perhaps even judged.
The other celebrates you as you are, inviting true relationship,

So, please stop watching me.
Instead, let us really see one another.
If we do that, love will follow.

[photo by wplynn per cc 2.0]

what love bears

photo of a young infantEven when love works hard –
And it does work hard –
It often does so with a smile
Rather than with gritted teeth.

I am reminded that the phrase
‘Love bears all things’
Can mean that love gives birth to all things.
When life comes, it comes through love.

[photo by novinha2007 per cc 2.0]
[This draws upon the work of Cynthia Bourgeault as quoted by Richard Rohr.]


I am at home within those arms,
Safe within that heart.
The Daddy who adopted me
Has shown me love,
Even when I was not aware
Even when I did not understand the sacrifice,
Even when I could not return it well.
My Daddy embodies love,
Drawing from the greater love,
That echoes in his embrace
And I am grateful.

[image edited from photo by Melissa Gutierrez per cc 2.0]