I am at home within those arms,
Safe within that heart.
The Daddy who adopted me
Has shown me love,
Even when I was not aware
Even when I did not understand the sacrifice,
Even when I could not return it well.
My Daddy embodies love,
Drawing from the greater love,
That echoes in his embrace
And I am grateful.

[image edited from photo by Melissa Gutierrez per cc 2.0]

It is there

deep in the woodsIt is there

Deep, deep within the forest
Deep, deep inside my soul,
Deep within the smiles and words of friendship
Deep in certain books or poems
It is there.

Some call it life force, or beauty.
Some call it prahna or pneuma or ruach.
Whatever it is, I find it undeniable.
It is, for me, the deepest reality, and best hope.
I think I’ll call it love.

[photo is my own]