stylized photo of the authorThis blog is an experiment; a graceful gift of friends, who have offered me a space to share my own imaginings in the presence of their friendship, so that my exploration might be grounded.

The musings here are not meant to convince, but to simply to give voice to the quandaries and questions and insights that stir my soul. If they find resonance with you, I am glad. If they trouble you, then I apologize – unless it is the kind of troubling that can heal. In either case, take them or leave them as suits your own soul’s journey.

You will see that they are often dressed in the clothes of my Christian heritage and understanding. Because they are my imaginings, they are dressed in my culture and frame and faith – as tattered as they may sometimes be. I see things through brown eyes, because my eyes are brown. If your eyes are blue – well, blue eyes see things, too.

Who am I? Lucky wife (great husband), fortunate Mom (son and daughter are both responsible and creative adults), educator, administrator, avid reader, amateur theologian, lover of words and the worlds they create, practitioner of imaginative meditation.

[photos without an acknowledgement are my own – as are the header photos]

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Celia,
    I so enjoyed your musings. I came upon it as I was reminiscing as I just found out Curt Cloninger is coming to Roswell, NM to do a show. I knew you way back when you were here in Roswell, many lifetimes ago. I still stay in touch with Boyd and Kathy. Also with Rick Hale.
    Blessings to you and Tim!
    Kim Bartlett


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