the good news


What is the good news?

Is it that the very deepest truth of creation is joyful love?
That you invite me to join you in the process of loving creation?
That it is ok to open my soul to life, because it will not destroy me, despite what I fear?
That I can trust your goodness to keep me safe?
That ‘safety’ is really only the first step?

What is the good news?

That the hope of the world is to find itself in your embrace?
That your promises move that hope to assurance?
That entropy is a dissolving into your arms?
That even death is not an ending, but a beginning?
That what is lost is gained?
That you love me?
That you always will?

Ah, that is good news.

And once again, my words hold up a mirror to my soul.
What I seek is ‘safety’ rather than ‘salvation;’
Protection, rather than deliverance.
It reveals the privileged moment in my life
When I am not in desperate need.

Help me to be grateful for this moment.
Help me live in the freedom it provides,
Without fear of what comes next
Even if that next is, indeed, a moment of great need.
For both moments are in your hands.

As am I.

[image adapted from a photo by Andy Peters per cc 2.0]

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