a sad morning

sadI did not want to get up this morning.
I did not want to crawl out of the warm hollow of my blankets
I did not want to admit that I live in a country
That chooses to reward hate and anger,
That somehow thinks self-aggrandizement is a sign of leadership.

Yet, this is reality.
And I must find my way within it.
If I want to live in a country that has room for the vibrant variety of life,
If I want to live in a country that shows kindness,
That welcomes the stranger,
That nurtures hope …
Then, somehow, I must find a way to move one step closer to that, today.

Oh Holy One,
Teach me how to stand with you in this time.
Let me, this day, even this day,
Let me be a conduit of your spirit.
Let me touch my corner of the world,
With a whisper of your grace.


[photo by postman per cc 2.0]