for Larry, now

Larry's tree at sunriseA sigh at the heart of the universe;
A goodbye to a good friend.
And, for you, my friend, an unexpected hello
On the other side.
And then …
Another sigh,
One of sweet surrender into joy
And into a brother’s arms.

This is my hope for you.
Not because a life of love is not enough,
But because I wish you more.
I wish us all more when our turn comes,
And your wry smile awaits our welcome.

[photo of Larry’s tree – from Facebook]

A blessing for you


May this day smile upon you.
May your heart catch its breath.
May your eyes rest upon beauty.
May your soul know peace.

May the touch of your fingers
Warm the life of another.
May your words fall like rain
On thirsty ground.

May the love that gives you life
Expand ever outward
Moving from heart to heart to heart
Like ripples across a pond.

May you pause to receive
The gifts that come your way
Adding your touch of grace
To their endless journey.

[photo by Franciska per cc 2.0]