The high cost of othering

anguishI am at a loss for words.
And angry with myself for my own complicity.
For letting myself believe that I am somehow at a distance –
An innocent observer, sadly shaking my head.

Yet, I am also at a loss for action.
What can I do in the face of such anger and hate?
How can I respond without bringing the presumptions of my privilege
Thinking somehow I am a ‘fixer’ and ‘they’ need ‘fixing.’

Where is the opening for your grace
In this moment, and in me?
Let this common gash upon our souls
Create an opening for love.

Teach us another way.
Bind us in our common grief
Wake us to a common hope.
Help us find our way to resurrection.

And help me to recognize the steps I might take
Along that way.

[photo by debaird™ per cc 2.0]

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