our slumber party
Once upon a time
There was a family with five daughters

So let me ask you,
“Who is richer, a man with five daughters
Or a man with a million dollars?”
And the answer is …
The man with five daughters …
Because he knows he has enough.

It is good to be part of a family
That knows it has enough …
That knows it is enough
To be wrapped in love
To be accepted, regardless.
Even when you break the rules,
Or break the mold
Or, ok, when you break wind.

It is good to be part of a family
Where adoption is as strong as birth,
And there are no half-sisters,
Only whole.

Where love draws you in and tells you
In the very center of your soul
That you are enough,
Just as you are,

When I count my blessings
These are surely at the top of the list:
A family whose love for each other
Has verified the miracle of enough.
It is the tangible evidence and true reflection
Of an even greater love
That surrounds us all.

[a sister slumber party with our folks 2/26/16]

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