Reaching for Trust

reach for the sky 2Can I trust the You I think I see?

How do I do that, now that I have started to understand that I don’t understand . . . that the formula for faith is mediated by human hearts and minds . . . by my own heart and mind … how can I stand firm?

I will hold you up.

Is that Your voice I hear, or is it just wishful thinking, echoing in the back of a fearful heart?

Or hopeful thinking, stretching toward my call. You decide.

I decide? Who am I to decide?

You are the only you you have. And that’s ok . . . because you have me, too. I’m already reaching to you. You must reach to me with your hands and not worry about how far they can stretch or how much they can hold. The reaching is the necessary thing.

Really? Any reach in any direction?

If you truly reach for me, any direction will do. Trust me to be there. I can be found anywhere. If you will but look.

And is anywhere as good as any other?

Anywhere is better than nowhere. Anywhere is a start. Trust me to keep calling. You keep reaching. One stretch leads to another.  

So, can I trust the You I think I see?
If You can trust me, seems I could return the favor.
Besides, I see no other choice for life.
And Your call is sweet.
So, I will try to trust – at least as far as I can reach, today
And trust that You will reach to me, as well.

2 7 08

[photo cropped from “Reach for the Sky‘ by Cindy Cornett Seigle per cc 2.0]

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