friends and laughter

a laughing friendI spent Friday night with friends and laughter. An accident of a party, really, cobbled together through emails, crossing in space and finally finding resolution in phone calls and hallway conversations.  What started as a muddled mess became a confluence of smiles.

There were stories told around the table, some with more laughter than actual words. One story sparked another, one not quite finished before another one began, interweaving themes and characters.

But, really, it was the friendship, itself, that was the story of the night. The stories beneath the stories, built upon shared lives and common experience. New friends and old – all old enough to know the challenge and beauty that is life – and yet choosing to echo beauty. It was a feast of friendship; a sustenance of souls.

What a miracle – this thread of joy that binds my days and years; this tapestry of lives, woven together. What a gift to spend my days in the company of such vibrant, wry, witty, wise, gifted and connected souls.

Thank you. Thank you, my friends.

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[cropped and filtered from photo by Steve McFarland per cc 2.0]

1 thought on “friends and laughter

  1. Celia-What a beautiful tribute to the always enduring power of love, sharing, fellowship, and the ability to see truth and humor in our shared memories. Thank you.


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