This Day

happy blanketThis day, this day is yours
thank you.

Gather it up in your arms
and me along with it
cuddle us together in your love
fill us all with the fragrance of your Spirit
let it dust our days and tickle our souls
and whisper in our hearts
today, this day,
as you unfold it, is yours, is ours.

spread out the blanket
let us pull our picnic lunch from our pockets
and sit together in the sun
munching happily on raisins and peanut butter
glad for the gift of grace
free to smile and yawn and settle in
ready to release the day back to you
as it ticks on in harmony with the growing grass

help me pack away my shoulds and find, instead your glorious yes.
that would be ok, today, wouldn’t it?
perhaps that is what I ‘should’ do.

Yes, I command you to be happy. 
How’s that? Will that help you cross over into joy? 
or how about we both just lie back on the blanket 
and let the sky brush our eyelashes as we dream?

thank you.


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[photo by sidkid per cc 2.0]

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