I Need Help

pile of papers

Oh help, again
Again I am overwhelmed with my day
Again I find that I have said yes too often
And spent my time on silly things
Again I am panicked at being found to be a fool
Again I find myself inadequate


Of course,
I’d like to tell you just what kind of help to give
How to rescue me
And have me look triumphant
Not beleaguered
To have me stay on top
And you just move the pile
To play into the hands
Of this urgent, crushing game

To play the fool,
But play it well,
So other fools applaud.
What do you think?
Could you arrange that?

I need deeper help than I can say.


3 thoughts on “I Need Help

  1. Jo Ann Engelbrecht, Ph.D., CFLE

    Professor Emerita of Family Sciences; Dir. of Research & Sponsored Programs

    Texas Woman’s University

    College of Professional Education

    Department of Family Sciences

    P.O. Box 425769

    Denton, TX 76204-5769




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