They got it done, they killed him.
They spit their hate upon his face
And split his back with their anger.
They drove their venom into hands and feet
And gloated as he died.

Those of us less accustomed
To the raw expression of our own self-absorption,
To our fear-driven rage,
Justified it as a necessary step.

One should die to keep the peace.
We must not enrage the Romans
With his reminders of the true authority.
An executive decision.
Hard, (sigh a self-righteous, martyr’s sigh) but necessary.

Those of us who bear the burden of leadership
Must make such decisions, sometimes.
After all, of course, you know,
He could not have won.

Better snap off the bud before it flowers;
Contain that silly explosion of faith
Before someone really gets hurt.
Insurrection would cost many lives.
Lives of the leaders, no doubt.

And then where would the people be?
That sad and silly rabble.
Much better to turn that potential hope
To angry blame before it disappoints.
“Hosanna” to “Crucify Him.”

They got a nice emotional release,
We kept control.

Good thing we stopped it when we did.
He had almost gotten beyond us,
To the hearts of the people.

Bury him quickly.
Seal the tomb.

Faith is a dangerous fire.

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