Hard Truth

cross in shadow

I don’t wanna look.
I don’t wanna know.
I don’t wanna recognize the wrong that happens all around me.
I don’t wanna stand hopelessly by while injustice throws its fists into the faces of those that stand in its way.
I don’t wanna believe that can happen.

I don’t like the crucifixion.
I want to jump straight to the resurrection.
I want the pre-emptive triumph of good.

But the battle is different from what I want.
It is different from what I presume (or desire) to be true.
It is not about triumph, but redemption.
And something about that seems to require enduring the worst that can be dealt, at the very hands of those whom it would save.
At least, it involves a willingness to go that far, if needed.

The message, through the blood, is that even when we slap the face of God, forgiveness awaits. Even saying those words seems raw and unforgivable – until I remember what really happened.

Could it be that it is not God who required the crucifixion? God needs no blood-offering to clear a debt.

What if the reality is that, without the descent into agony at our hands, we could not – or would not – know the depth of love and forgiveness given to us. Nor the depth of forgiveness we are required to give.

What if we required the crucifixion, and God gave it to us? And forgives us both the act and the need for it.

The proof of God’s love is that nothing, nothing, nothing can stop it.

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[photo ‘cross‘by Nick Gourlie per cc 2.0]

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