Good Morning

sleepy girlHey! Did you notice the dawn this morning?

Huh? Is it dawn? (yawn)

Did you catch the energy of that inexhaustible furnace of light – the daily eruption of fire across the rim of morning?

Ah … yeah … I guess so. My eyes (and my heart) are a bit heavy. They are not stirring yet today. The call of my covers is strong. That is, until that beam of light hits them and heats them, so that I must throw them off. Aaaugh! I sit upon the edge of the bed. And the morning breeze hits me, shakes me, wakes me just a bit. This is more of a struggle than it should be, I think.

Let go of the ‘should’ – that weighs you down as much as your covers. Don’t coat everything with obligation. Try appreciation instead.

Oh. You mean enjoy it? You mean see its beauty? You mean catch the whisper of wonder that invades the smallest moments of life – the curl of the leaf, the touch of the water, the texture of the blanket, itself?

Oh. You mean life wants to be lived more than it wants to be planned and anticipated and organized and documented.

Oh. You mean wake up to life, rather than to chores?

The chores can be part of life, if you’ll appreciate them, as well. Notice the dawn. Notice the warmth of your blanket. Notice the fuzzy, foggy feel of waking up slowly. Notice the snuggle I give, just at the edge of morning. Notice the beat of the shower and the softness of socks. Notice the pressure of your step along the sidewalk, and then on the grass. Notice the feel of the keys beneath your fingers. Notice the breeze and the leaf it carries along. Notice how my love carries you, as well.

Catch life. Let it catch you.

Good morning.

Ah! Good morning. It is a good morning. Thanks for the nudge to notice.

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[photo ‘I don’t wanna get up!‘ by tracy apps per cc 2.0]

1 thought on “Good Morning

  1. Comfort to my soul – thank you.

    Jo Ann Engelbrecht, Ph.D., CFLE

    Professor Emerita of Family Sciences; Dir. of Research & Sponsored Programs

    Texas Woman’s University

    College of Professional Education

    Department of Family Sciences

    P.O. Box 425769

    Denton, TX 76204-5769



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