Matthew 9

healing[Matthew 9 – from The Message]

Those friends that brought the guy on the stretcher … their faith was involved in the healing, too, wasn’t it? Sometimes it seems to take cumulative faith – mine and my friends – to get to the critical mass for a miracle. Especially with skeptics whispering in the corners. At least, sometimes, the shock of a miracle – the surprise of true goodness – can shake the skeptics into silence and let joy creep in.

They ask, ‘Why don’t you do stuff like us – fasting and all?’ Well, its not about the wineskins, its about the wine. Take your lead from the spirit and not the container.

Just to touch Jesus … just a touch from him … brings health and life. But it doesn’t happen by accident. Both the woman and the official were intentional about coming to Jesus for that touch. Both risked the hope of encounter. Acting in hope was what it took. Faith has a role to play. The blind men, also, needed just a bit of faith to receive their sight – not some kind of test or prerequisite that is added on – but as the impetus to ask. Perhaps I should value the asking a bit more … as the birth and sign of faith, rather than an arbitrary requirement. Perhaps that is when I change into a new wineskin.

[chapter 10]

[photo by sea turtle per cc 2.0]

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