Matthew 6

hands reaching out[Matthew 6 – from The Message]

“Actions, too, can be for show rather than substance. I’m all about substance. Show is ok when it supports the other, but not so good when it hides you – especially when it hides you from yourself.”

“God’s work is often unseen – not about show – often not even recognized.” (But isn’t that one of the reasons I find my faith hard to hold – I don’t recognize God in the shadows?)

“Instead of making a show – to others, to yourself, or even to God – focus on God. Trust God to know and do what is right – what is needed – by you and by all. Your prayer can be simple – “Oh God, bring about your kingdom and give us what we need to live within it.” And it can be a prayer of confidence, for the Kingdom is on its way.”

“It’s not about show, but an honest reaching toward God, willing to be shaped by that encounter and trusting that it does occur.”

“What you treasure makes a difference. Look up to see, with open eyes, the light I bring. See my life – put it first – and all you need is suddenly yours – partly because all you focused on before fades in importance, partly because you no longer have to worry and prepare for what might be – all because you can trust me to love you. Live this life now, in me, and you don’t have to worry about all the versions of might-be that crowd you with anxieties.”

[chapter 7]

[photo Lay It All Down For The Lord by Will Foster per cc 2.0]

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