Matthew 3

John the Baptist by Rodin

[Matthew 3 – from The Message]

Locusts and honey and camel’s hair garments. A wild preacher and the Holy Spirit. God picks some strange prophets. Those of us who fit in well with the world may have a harder time seeing the kingdom.

When Jesus came to John for baptism, John objected. What did his wild eyes see that made him know his cousin was so different from the rest? How much did John and Jesus know as kids? Or was the veil lifted at Baptism with the appearance of the dove and the voice of thunder? Did Jesus have to be convinced of his own reality? (And do I, too, need to be convinced of my God-inspired role? If I listen, will I hear thunder? And what is it about baptism that makes it clear?)

[chapter 4]

[photo Rodin St. John the Baptist 2 by Mark B. Schlemmer per cc 2.0]

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