Matthew 13

IMG_3302[Matthew 13 – from The Message]

People came to Jesus while he was on the beach – so many that he had to move into a boat, to address them. Wonder how that happened? Was he just chatting by the shore? Was this a planned gathering? How does a movement take shape and evolve? Like the parable he tells them – some seeds fall on fertile soil and amazing things happen.

And why stories? Do they reveal the truth uncluttered by facts? They supply a way to explore questions without abandoning home base, first. “your ears are open, but you don’t hear a thing … your eyes are awake, but you don’t see a thing…” Like the gorilla in the middle of the room – we just don’t know how to focus on that other realm until we can enter a story that helps us see. The characters in the story can point to a reality that suddenly comes clear. My days are like that – crowded with detail and demands that divert my eyes and ears.

Like the weeds, like the gravel that keeps the seed from going deep, like the whispers that deride the ideas of faith, its hard to nourish the seeds of faith. Luckily, you give them time to grow and even little ones can produce bounty. Your presence, like yeast, can make me rise. Hidden, and yet so real. More real that what I see most days. Perhaps my own field holds a treasure, a pearl.

Jesus’ ability to do miracles was hindered by skepticism and disdain. I think I should be careful about that. Holding on to wonder is a worthy risk. We can dare to hope for more.

[chapter 14]

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