silver seasThere are different kinds of silence …
The silence of midnight,
Where dark and quiet merge;
The silence of a friend’s absence,
Where that space in your heart rings hollow;
The silence of your lover’s sigh,
Folding you within its arms.

sunriseThen, there is …
The deep silence of the wilderness,
Where nature breathes life into your soul;
The stony silence of disregard,
That eats your soul away, again;
The silence of meditation,
Once the chattering mind has stilled,
Pointing the way to the silence that holds the world.

silent shore

May your day bring healing silence,
Quieting your heart,
Opening your soul as a receptacle, a conduit, for love.

Amen. May it be so.

[Photos by Mike Bizeau, from his wonderful blog, nature has no boss. The first is midnight in Greenland.  His thoughts on silence triggered my own. He added a link to a study of noise in our national parks. I am grateful for his blog, which greets my mornings.]

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