The Gift


My mind is rumbling round and round
A thousand thoughts weave in and out
Pieces of reality appear among them
And twinkle and smile and say hello.

When I reach through to reality, to truth,
I find I touch myself.
Not that I am truth
But that I am part of all this truth
And I cannot discover it
Without discovering myself.

And this is the real surprise:
When I do, I cannot help but smile.
It is joy to connect to truth, to life, to God

And to find, mystery of mysteries,
God is already connected to me.

The warp and woof of my days
Are threads of God’s presence.
My heartbeat is an echo,
Of God’s pulse within the earth.

My God,
Already you have given yourself to me.
So when I stumble upon your presence
I am there.

I greet my truer self at your feet
And take one more step toward the fullness
That you give to me.

I run far and wide in search of you
And when I find you,
I am already there.

Yet even the process – the not yet of the now –
Is part of the gift.

Unwrapping myself as a gift from you:
I am embarrassed to be so pleased.


[photo “Symonds Yat Maze-4” by Paul Williams is licensed under cc 2.0 ]

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